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Work Related Learning

Every student at Cloughwood Academy will have the opportunity to participate in work-related learning. Work related learning is a vital part of our Careers programme. 

Keystage 4:

At Cloughwood Academy, pupils are given the opportunity to complete a short, supported work placement in Key stage 4. Where possible, pupils will have identified an area of interest and the placement will take place within this area. Work-related learning helps students to develop the key skills employers require.  These skills include: 

  • Communication 

  • Problem-solving 

  • Social skills 

  • Literacy 

  • Numeracy 

  • Working with others 

Keystage 5:

In Key stage 5 where possible, work related learning will reflect the Level 2 industry standard courses that our students are studying or wish to study further. This gives students a true insight into the world of work. Placements can often lead to employment, either as a weekend job or indeed full-time work, once the student has left Cloughwood. Some pupils choose to stay with the same employer, whilst others will gain experience through a number of work placements and workplace visits. 

We find that placements build confidence, increase resilience and give pupils valuable and essential skills to add to their CV’s. In the present very tough and competitive labour market, young people need to stand out from the crowd and consistent work experience shows that they have a range of desirable skills.  

Cloughwood Academy pupils get to experience a variety of working environments including: 

  • Growzone 

  • The Bren Project 

  • The Co-Op 

  • Brick Laying 

  • Construction 

  • Carpentry 

  • Tyre Fitting 

  • Mechanics 

  • Animal Care and Dog Grooming 

  • Retail 

  • Community Support 

  • Site Maintenance 

  • Catering  

  • Teaching Assistant  

  • Shop Assistant