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We take the year 6 transition very seriously. Pupils have lessons with secondary subject teachers, giving them the opportunity to build relationships with new staff well in advance of them joining year 7. In addition, pupils start to acclimatise to moving rooms for different subjects.

For pupils new to us, who are joining us at the start of an academic year, we offer a full week of transition in July. This gives new students the chance to get to know staff and peers before starting. They experience a typical week at Cloughwood whilst making new friends.

Often, pupils join us mid-year as a result of failed educational experiences, including broken education and long periods of absence. We are aware and understand that often they have a very negative perception of learning.  Pupils joining us mid-year will be invited on an initial tour of the school. This will be carried out by a member of our Leadership Team who will focus on celebrating the achievements of our pupils and show examples of success. They are there to field any questions or concerns and discuss appropriate starting models dependent on the needs of each new starter.  

What can be guaranteed is that your son will be made to feel very welcome when joining us.

Supporting Transition:

Transition Tips for Parents/Carers