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The Residential Provision

The Residential Provision

The Residential Provision at Cloughwood Academy is one of our unique features. We currently offer pupils between Years 4 and 8 the chance to attend, and any pupil that wishes can stay overnight up to twice a week.

The majority of pupils start by staying for an extended day, going home in the early evening.  After a settling in period, they may wish to stay overnight.  This is usually when they have got to know everyone and are enjoying the activities on offer.

Over the years, we have found that the boys who are most successful at school tend to be those who have taken advantage of the Cloughwood residential provision. This is because they enjoy a variety of different experiences and activities that support them to improve their attendance, their learning, their self-esteem and resilience. They are also just having a really enjoyable time!

The residential experience allows the boys to make solid relationships with the residential support team and other pupils and long-lasting friendships are developed. Their independence skills also improve, as they learn how to tackle new challenges head on. Staying on Residential also helps our young people to improve their lives at home, as staff work closely with parents and carers to make sure pupils get the help, opportunities and support they need. 

The residential staff and parents work in partnership to make sure the residential pupils are safe, lead healthy lifestyles, enjoy learning and are prepared for leaving school. Every pupil is treated with respect by the residential team and all achievements, however small, are celebrated. Our young people will always be treated as the individuals that they are, with differing needs, tastes and interests.

"The school continues to be an example of the best of residential care. Highly effective systems mean equality and diversity are an intrinsic part of the school. Residential pupils have a strong voice in the school".


What we provide

There are 8 en-suite rooms on the provision. The residential team are highly qualified and skilled in their approach to our young people. 

Residential Bedroom

Residential staff work closely with parents/carers to support and review the progress our young people are making. Placement and care plans are produced for each pupil and individual progress is monitored and analysed to form an integral component of the Annual and EHCP reviews.  These are discussed with parents/carers three times a year during Parents' Evening.

Residential Lounge

With the help of the residential experience, young people are able to overcome their barriers to learning (such as poor attendance) and start to make a positive contribution to their school life and well-being.

Working with other schools and establishments

Cloughwood is an outward-looking, forward-thinking Academy and to keep ahead of current practice, our Head of Care and residential team work with staff from other local residential schools to ensure that our pupil’s experiences are the best they can be, whilst also ensuring staff are constantly improving their skills and knowledge. 

We collaborate closely with Greenbank School, a co-educational school with a residential facility in Hartford, Cheshire. We value the views of our young people and feel it is important that each young person has their voice heard.  To both support and encourage this, we receive a monthly visit from a member of staff from the Greenbank School residential facility known as The Independent Person.

The Independent Person

If you would like your child to experience the provision, please contact our Head of Care, Carly Clarke to discuss, in more detail.