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Mission, Aims and Values

Mission, Aims and Values


To continue to develop a thriving, safe, outstanding Special Academy, creating innovative learning and personal pathways into life, work and society for all our pupils. 


We aim for our pupils to:  

  • Achieve their potential in all areas of school life: academic, social, emotional and physical development.  

  • Develop lively and enquiring minds.  

  • Develop their self-esteem and self-discipline, allied to a positive ethos of community involvement and responsibility.  

  • Acquire a growing awareness of and sensitivity to the needs and rights of others.  

  • Become responsible for their own actions and decisions, whilst developing moral and ethical values.  

  • Habitually demonstrate tolerance, friendship and integrity. 

  • Leave the Academy on a secure pathway to employment, further training or education.  

We achieve our aims by: 

  • Providing a welcoming, stimulating and enabling learning environment. 

  • Collaborating in impactful ways within and beyond The Kaleidoscope Learning Trust.  

  • Exemplifying best practice through a cycle of continuous improvement.  

  • Providing opportunities for staff to develop professionally and personally.  

  • Creating a nurturing, safe and friendly atmosphere by providing an environment where children, young people and adults are respected and valued as individuals.  

  • Bringing out the best in every child and young person by meeting the full range of individual needs set out in their EHCP. 

  • Providing different experiences, challenges and activities which build cultural capital and promote personal development.  

  • Developing tolerance and respect for self and others. 

  • Equipping children and young people for lifelong learning and employment. 


At Cloughwood Academy our ethos is built on a system of Rights, Expectations, Consequences and Rewards. We believe that everybody has the right: 

  • to be safe  

  • to be able to learn 

  • to be respected 

We promote the accepted British values of: 

  • Commitment to the Rule of Law 

  • Democracy 

  • Tolerance of different cultures and religions 

  • Mutual respect 

  • Individual liberty