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Why choose this subject?  

Geography is a broad academic subject which will open up options for students in the future. Employers and universities see geography as a robust academic subject rich in skills, knowledge and understanding. As a subject linking the arts and the sciences it is highly flexible and has links with numerous subjects on the curriculum. Geography will help students to develop their communication and teamwork skills, as often they will work on group projects. Students also develop their research and analysis skills including, IT, lab and fieldwork, which means they will be able to collect and look for patterns in data. These transferable skills will enable students to become positive members of society and they will be aware of the problems the world faces and Geography will hopefully inspire them to make positive live choices. 




What will your child will learn?  

A broad and ambitious curriculum has been created to enable students to gain an insight into Physical and Human Geography. There are too many topics to list but here is an example of some of the key concepts that students at Cloughwood will study at KS3 and in more depth in KS4 


  • Physical geography: The study of the earth and its natural elements. Volcanoes, earthquakes, atmosphere, climate, landscapes, and erosion 

  • Human geography: How we (humans) interact with the world. Economics, tourism, population, globalisation, and more 









What your child will gain from this subject 

Students will be able to develop their understanding of our world when studying Geography. Below is a list of some of the things students will gain from studying Geography: 

  1. Geography helps us understand basic physical systems that affect everyday life: How water cycles and ocean currents work are all explained with Geography and how this helps to prevent natural disasters 

  1. To learn the location of places and the physical and cultural characteristics of those places in order to develop our understanding of the world 

  1.   To appreciate Earth as the homeland of humankind and provide insight for wise management decisions about how the planet’s resources should be used 

  1. To understand global interdependence and to become a better global citizen 






 Geography at Cloughwood Academy tries to incorporate as much Learning Outside the Classroom as we can whilst still fulfilling the requirements of the curriculum.  


Some examples include: -  


  • Fieldwork collecting data to see trends and anomalies 

  • Visits to local beaches to see erosion and beach management first-hand 

  • City-centre visits to explore the Human Geography 



    The Geography department is always looking for new and imaginative ways to engage students in Geographical investigation outside of the classroom.