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Our Enrichment Offer aims to provide our pupils with the opportunity to discover their interests and talents. Enrichment runs from 2.10 pm to 3:00 pm Monday to Thursday. Pupils will spend 1:35pm until 2:00pm with their form team on a Friday. This period will be used to review the week and set targets for the coming week.  

A variety of options are made available for pupils to choose from including football, basketball, dodgeball, table tennis, golf, boxing, rock climbing, cycling, ICT, Art & Design, board games, adventure playground, catering, guitar lessons, piano lessons, Design and Technology, electronics, horticulture, construction, child care, drama, science and enterprise.  

There are limited places available for some options. First choice is given to those pupils attaining the highest points.   

We have now introduced the Enrichment Program to our primary aged pupils, and it has been lovely to see them collaborate with their peers in secondary school. We have also significantly increased the number of vocational experiences we are offering to our pupils during enrichment, which has been extremely popular with pupils and is helping to shape their future aspirations.