As it is the start of the second term of the year, we are placing a great emphasis on developing and promoting independence. We have invested in some google chrome books which pupils can access at school and sometimes at home to promote homework and home learning. Pupils are being expected to take a greater responsibility on their own self-care and their own learning. 

As this is a stressful time for a large number of families, we are also focusing on our emotional well-being and keeping safe. There has been an increase in the number of ELSA interventions taking place this term and all forms will work together on well-being activities every Friday afternoon. Pupils continue to need to remember to stay safe by keeping their distance and are being expected to take more responsibility around washing their hands. 

Literacy and numeracy always play an important part in our pupils’ day. This term we are looking out for examples of excellent handwriting with a view to awarding prizes every couple of weeks. 

We are trying to keep to ‘business as usual’ as much as possible. Pupils know and are reminded regularly that there are staff they can speak to if they are struggling in any way.

Please click below for the Secondary Timetable from September 2020.

Secondary School Timetable September 2020