Special Educational Needs and Disability Inclusion Team (SENDIT)
The purpose of the SENDIT is to create an environment where those pupils who are struggling to make as much progress as expected can have regular interventions to enable them to make as much progress as possible and recover lost ground or gaps in learning.
Testing also takes place at the centre:  Pass tests, LUCID tests, dyslexia screening and CAT tests are administered for the whole school (children benefit from CAT scores enabling teachers to set better targets containing the right degree of challenge).
The centre is stocked with the school library with levelled books, materials to aid reading comprehension and equipment for numeracy interventions.
There are four key interventions:
Fischer Family Trust Wave 3 for KS 2 & 3, catch up numeracy recovery and Reciprocal Reading for KS3. It is the intention that the vast majority of SENDIT work will be carried out with the younger pupils to enable them to become more independent, functional and competent when they reach KS4. Each year, however, KS4 pupils will have interventions during the first half term of the academic year which should enable those who have dropped back over the holiday period to catch up with basic skills. After October half term there will be no additional withdrawal intervention for KS4 except in exceptional circumstances.

SENDIT Approved Sept 15

Post Admission Tracking and Assessment