Safer Internet Day 2015

Safer Internet Day 2015 will be on Tuesday, 10 February under the theme ‘Let’s create a better internet together’.  In the UK, the UK Safer Internet Centre co-ordinate the day and have seen it grow each year with more supporters and national partners on board. You can find everything about Safer Internet Day 2015 on our website, including ideas on how to get involved, how to register for our supporters list and how to spread the word.

For 2015, the UK Safer Internet Centre plan to produce our fabulous SID TV show again, this time in partnership with Diana Award Anti-bullying Programme. It will be for young people and will be packed with fun activities, content and some recognisabe faces!  Send your ideas for content and who you would like to see in it or presenting it!

NEW from Childnet – how to talk to your children about online pornography In a poll conducted by ComRes of 1,000 parents, Childnet found that only a quarter of parents have spoken to their child about pornography, despite a recent conclusion from the Children’s Commissioner for England stating that ‘porn is everywhere’. To support parents and carers  to have open conversations with their children about sexualised content online, Childnet have put together a resource that helps parents to start this dialogue in an age-appropriate way. The resource can be found on the Childnet’s website and as well as converstaion starters, it also offers parents information about understanding the law and links to other organisations that can provide support.