Still not too late – Anti-Bullying week

It’s Anti-Bullying week this week and activities and events are held across the country under the slogan ‘Let’s stop bullying for all’. In a recent interview our ambassador, Beth Tweddle, has spoken about her support for Anti-bullying week.  

You can find a range of resources on cyberbullying from our Cyberbullying Resources area. In addition, DfE has published a number of documents detailing advice on preventing and responding to bullying and have just issued advice on how staff should guard themselves against cyberbullying signposting to us as wel as our Profesisonals Online Safety Helpline

To find out more about Anti-Bullying Week visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance website or join the conversation on twitter @ABAonline #StopBullying 

Anti-Bullying Campaign Pack 2014