Care Philosophy and Mission

It is important for care staff to be clear about our mission and why we exist. We must all share the same view about education and the care that Cloughwood offers each young person. We are fortunate that Cloughwood offers a residential setting where experienced and qualified care staff provides an extended educational day, which compliments and enhances the teaching and learning that takes place during the school day.

Residential care offers the best of both school and the security and structure of a homely atmosphere, which is intellectually and aesthetically stimulating.
We will try to provide a high level of care, which meets the needs of the young people, by following agreed guidelines, and care plans.
We will provide for the health needs including medical requirements:

  • Care needs including safeguarding and promoting welfare
  • Physical and emotional needs
  • Educational needs
  • Leisure needs, social skills and promote community interactions
  • Assist the young people to develop socially acceptable behaviours

We believe that to maintain high standards of care young people depend on certain factors:

  • Routine
  • Planning of activities and free time
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Firm boundaries
  • Appropriate sanctions
  • Relationships with staff built on trust, honesty and respect

Working in line with the National Minimum Standards, we will provide a positive environment where all the needs of the pupils are met. Cloughwood staff will work with all outside agencies involved with the pupils to meet the educational, emotional and health needs needs.