October 2019 Feedback


Year 6 parent – “My son really enjoys his residential and has lots of fun, one happy boy! He really enjoys his extended day at residential it has really helped him. The residence has improved his behaviour, self – esteem, confidence, attitude, and behaviour at home. I don’t think there’s anything to improve, it is amazing”

Year 6 parent – “It’s nice for my Son to be able to access the residential unit. This enables him to gain independence along with social and emotional support. We look forward to tea!”

Year 6 parent- “Really pleased with my son’s progress so far”

Year 6 parent – “My son states that he really likes school and looks forward to the residential”

Year 6 parent – My son engages in activities that he wouldn’t at home. Reports from staff from the residence are that his behaviour is more independent. No improvements to be made at the moment with the residence as we now get end of term updates on what they have done and how things are going”

Year 5 parent – My son has more confidence when we go out, he has a willingness to do new things. My son enjoys the time with his friends that he wouldn’t usually see out of school. Personally no improvement, always has a good time and really enjoys the experience. Never had a problem, keep up the good work!”

Year 6 parent – “Residential has had a huge impact on my son, he’s not got many friends so it gives him a chance to grow with his peers and have fun, it has also helped him with situations. My son has confidence to try new things also has shown he’s got more self- esteem about himself and how he presents himself and he has become more independent. The most my son enjoys about residential is that he enjoys his own independence and the fun activities.

Year 8 parent – “Residential has been a massive help for social development, life skills, independence and confidence. The residential helps my son in so many ways that at home I don’t always have the time or money. My son enjoys everything about the residential; I don’t think there’s anything negative. You all do a fab job, my son knows this. It helps so much for everyday life skills which can’t always be done at home”.