Residential students are free to choose which activities they would like to be involved in during their stay. Activities include sailing at Budworth Mere, outdoor swimming at Marbury Park, skateparks (including Boneyard), cycling, cinema / Ten Pin bowling visits, Cooking Club, Slack-lining, football, volleyball, Quick cricket, film nights and trips out to the beach.
The young people access several activities and report that they thoroughly enjoy the range of activities available, especially cycling, football, socialising and the independence offered to them by the care team. Comments from the boys include “the staff are getting us ready for the big world out there” and “the staff trust us and we don’t want to let them or ourselves down”.

The pupils enjoy socialising in the relaxed atmosphere of the residence and have the opportunity to meet with friends in the local community; they participate in travel training with a member of the care team, equipping them with the ability to travel independently to the cinema in nearby locations, which in turn enables them to develop highly effective independence skills they can carry through into adulthood.

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