The young people access several activities and report that they thoroughly enjoy the range of activities available, especially cycling, football, socialising and the independence offered to them by the care team. Comments from the boys include “the staff are getting us ready for the big world out there” and “the staff trust us and we don’t want to let them or ourselves down”.


Please see below some of the exciting activities we have done on Residential during 2022-23

Hebden Green Visit

Residential – Anti-bullying awareness

Residential – Christmas crafting

Residential – Trip to the cinema

Residential – Equality and Diversity -Marcus Rashford

Residential – Independent Living – Shopping trip

Residential – Introduction for new boarders

Residential – Trip to Jelly Beans – Social Skills

Residential – Trip to Marbury Park

Residential – Dick Whittington Panto

Residential – Hocus Pocus movie night

Residential – Kindness and church visit

Residential – Making Wellbeing Pebbles

Residential – St Lukes Visit

September Calendar 2023

October Calendar 2023