“I like dorm because they take us out and Pete takes us out to football and we learn to cook. We do ICT and sometimes we go to the park and I talk to staff about stuff.” Jamie

“I love Resi because I like the staff and sleeping over with my friends.” Olli

“I love Resi because I like the staff and the places we go. I like the food, Xbox and sleeping.” Jaydon

Welcome to the Residential/Extended Day Experience

“Our Residence at Cloughwood is one of our unique features. We currently operate the provision for pupils between Years 4 and 8 and any boy that wishes to can stay for up to two evenings a week or a couple of nights extended day until 8pm. 
Most of our younger, newer boys start off by staying extended day then later decide they’d like to stay overnight once they have got to know everyone and enjoy the activities on offer. 

Over the years we have found that the boys who are most successful at school tend to be those who have taken advantage of the Cloughwood residential experience. This is because our boarders and extended day boys enjoy a whole variety of different experiences that help them to improve their attendance, their learning, their self-esteem and resilience as well as just having a really enjoyable time. You can see photos of activities and comments from the boys and parents and carers in the prospectus and on the website.

On the Residential experience our boys get to make solid relationships with the Residential staff and develop lasting friendships. They also improve their independance skills and learn how to tackle new challenges head on. Staying on Residence also helps our boys improve their lives at home because our staff work closely with parents and carers to make sure our boys get the help and opportunities they need. 

So if you would like for your son to experience the Residential provision, make sure to contact Carly Clarke or any other member of staff to make it happen!”
R Newton Headteacher


The residential staff and parents work in partnership to make sure the residential pupils are safe, lead healthy lifestyles, enjoy learning, achieve and are prepared for leaving school. The care team have a positive regard for the pupils and are extremely proud of their achievements, however small. Residential pupils are treated as individuals with differing needs, tastes and interests.

‘The school continues to be an example of the best of residential care. Highly effective systems mean equality and diversity are an intrinsic part of the school. Residential pupils have a strong voice in the school.’(Ofsted)

What we provide

The Residential experience is an integral part of the 24 hour curriculum offered at Cloughwood. There are 17 en-suite rooms spread over four dorms; each dorm is run by a highly motivated and qualified member of the care team. The residential experience offers planned residential places where there is an identified need, either academic, social or behavioural. These placements can be for one night to four nights or a combination of extended day and residential. The extended days allow the young people to access all the activities and then go home later in the evening. These can act as a taster session to allow the young people to gradually build up to overnight stays.
The care team are highly qualified and skilled in their approach to the residential pupils, individual placement and care plans are produced for each of the pupils and parents are invited to the residence once a year for an informal parents evening where they discuss their son’s progress and work with the care team to produce relevant targets and update placement plans.

With the help of the residential experience the young people are able to overcome their barriers to learning, for example poor attendance, and help make a positive contribution to their school life and well-being.

Working with other schools and establishments

Cloughwood is an outward looking, forward thinking Academy and to keep ahead of current practice and developments in education our staff often work with and support, and seek advice from, other schools and academies and educational establishments. 
Only this term, Miss Clarke and her residential team have been working with staff from other residential schools to ensure that our pupil’s experiences are the best they can be and to support all the staff in improving their skills. 

All of our teachers and teaching staff are involved in local and regional cluster groups to ensure we achieve best practice in curriculum and pastoral provision. The Principal and Senior Leaders have all been involved in partnership work with schools from a wide range of specialisms and phases and the teaching staff and senior managers from other schools and academies often visit Cloughwood seeking ideas, help and support.

If you wish to contact the residence, please call the School Office on 01606 537690 during school hours. Outside of these hours, staff can be contacted on 07704910353.

Charlene Independent Person

Lee Independent Person

Complaints – pupils

If you feel that there is something that you are not happy with, tell a member of staff that you can trust. If they feel that they cannot help you to sort out your problem/complaint, they will find someone who can.

We will try to sort out your problem withing 24 hours. 

To read our most recent Oftsted inspection report, please click here.