How do I arrange for my child to stay on the Residence?

We advise a settling in period of a few weeks for your child to get used to the school and new routines. After this time you are welcome to contact the Head of Care to discuss Residential or Extended provision for your son.

Can my son stay any day?

Wherever possible we try to keep pupils in similar year groups together.

Secondary pupils stop over on Residential on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Primary pupils stop over on Residential on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What happens if there is a problem whilst my child is staying over?

If your son becomes unwell or develops an issue whilst staying over, the care team will contact you immediately. If for any reason you need to contact the care staff, they can be reached on 07495 511966.

Where is the Residence?

The Resi is attached to the school and accessed through the school via a secure door.

How many children stay over on the Residence?

We can accommodate 8 children on the Residence each day.

Is the Residence open over the weekends and school holidays?

No, there is no provision for Resi on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings or when school is closed for holidays and inset days.

My child has an appointment/commitment or I need to change when my child is staying on the Residence, who do I tell?

Please inform the office staff on 01606 537690 as soon as reasonably possible who will let the care staff know of any changes.