Mission Statement

To continue to develop a thriving, safe, outstanding Special Academy, creating innovative learning and personal pathways into life, work and society for all our pupils.


At Cloughwood Academy we promote the accepted British values of:

  1. Commitment to the Rule of Law
  2. Democracy
  3. Tolerance of different cultures and religions
  4. Mutual respect
  5. Individual liberty

In addition, we hope to develop in each of our pupils a wide range of personal and collective attributes through our day-to-day practice, relationships and ethos.  These include:



Through guaranteeing high quality teaching and learning in a state-of-the-art environment which offers a wide range of bespoke, individualised learning and personal development opportunities, we aim to produce pupils who:

  1. Are physically, mentally and socially able;
  2. Develop a lifelong love of learning and are inspired to seek out and tackle new challenges;
  3. Are able to face the trials and challenges of school and life, and able to overcome adversity;
  4. Are able to make a worthwhile and meaningful contribution towards a cohesive, complex and multicultural modern United Kingdom;
  5. Develop an awareness and understanding of risk and protect themselves from extremism or prejudices of any kind;
  6. Develop inquisitive and creative minds;
  7. Develop resilience, motivation and perseverance;
  8. Achieve high levels of literacy and numeracy;
  9. Develop independence and overcome previous barriers to learning;
  10. Achieve results as high as peers in mainstream education and go on to appropriate and relevant post-school destinations.