Learning Outside the Classroom



At Cloughwood Academy we have two dedicated Motivational and Outdoor Learning Instructors (MOLIs) who are responsible for co-ordinating learning experiences outside of the classroom and motivating disaffected pupils to re-engage in school and curriculum activities. Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC) is a central component of the Academy’s mission to develop pro-social, inter-personal and independence skills for all pupils. At Cloughwood we emphasise the growth and development of the whole person and strive to enable all our pupils to build the skills and attitudes which actively promote school and community engagement. We see these types of engagement as key to the production of well-rounded, confident and actively participating future citizens. During year 11, students participate in the Duke of Edinburgh award programme which provides recognition for the work that they have done.

As well as co-ordinating and leading on outdoor educational activities, instructors are also responsible for the guidance and support of identified pupils in a range of educational contexts and assist the SENCO and other colleagues within the SENDIT in their efforts to provide tailored interventions for pupils at risk. This includes classroom support, individual support and mentoring for those pupils with individual plans. Each instructor is responsible for devising plans and working with colleagues to deliver interventions whilst monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the work.

Coast to Coast cycle 2017

LOTC Outward Bounds Policy Jan 18