As a parent or carer, you have a leading role when your child is making decisions about their career. Talking to your child about careers is important. Not only when they are making big decisions, such as subject choices and what to do when they leave school, but also throughout their school lives and beyond. It is important to be prepared and feel confident when they come to you for advice. Below is lots of useful information and links to websites to support you in assisting your child with their future career choices. Your son can complete Barclays life skills lessons at home which will give them access to work experience opportunities at Barclays, and learn essential life skills and careers related learning. There are also lots of resources available on Unifrog for your child to complete.

Pathways post 16:

A Parent’s Guide to Apprenticeships:

Parent’s Guide to Careers:

The Parents Guide to Careers

National Careers Service

To view what your child will be learning in the Careers Plan please click the link below:

UK Careers Year Plan 2022-2023