Art Workshop with Adebanji Alade

Art Workshop with Adebanji Alade

On Friday, as the final workshop from our ‘Futures’ enrichment week, pupils had the pleasure of meeting with artist Adebanji Alade.

Adebanji is the artist in residence for the BBC’s One Show, has been a contestant on Sky Arts ‘Landscape Artist of the Year’ and is Vice President of The Royal Institute Of Oil Painters.


One of our student decided to write to Adebanji after the workshop on Friday: 

“Hi Adebanji, it’s Alfie from Cloughwood. I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely morning. I loved your art and you did a really good job of sketching my friend. You have inspired me to aim for the best and never give up and inspired me to draw more and put all the negative people in the recycle bin.” 


Adebanji’s philosophy is to inspire, entertain and motivate pupils to be their best possible self and develop good habits such as drawing every day OR doing something else that you love and trying to be the best you can possibly be in that area. 


“One by one a seed is planted and one by one they (pupils) begin to realise that IT IS POSSIBLE” 

Adebanji Alade.