Adventures in Snowdonia

Adventures in Snowdonia

On the 1st July 2019 some of our year 6 and year 7 boys spent some time on a fantastic trip in Beddgelert. Here’s their story….

On arriving at our destination, Cae Ysgubor near Beddgelert in Snowdonia, all the pupils unloaded the vehicles and familiarised themselves with the accommodation and surrounding area.

On Monday afternoon we all went for a walk to Sygun copper mine and followed a trail leading over the top of the hills to the East of Beddgelert, exploring old machinery and mines.

Tuesday was spent on the North coast of the Llyn peninsula at Trefor and Nefyn. There the pupils enjoyed jumping off the pier and exploring the amazing beaches. Before we left to head back we visited the seal colony at the end of the point at Morfa Nefyn and were thrilled to see lots of seals lazing in the sun at low tide.

On Wednesday and Thursday the pupils were split into two groups one group enjoyed a big walk exploring the Nant Gwynant valley and swimming in Llyn Dinas lake. The other half of the group spent the kayaking with a brief trip to the local A&E department, due to Stella (the Kayak instructor) braking and dislocating her finger – ouch!

On Thursday evening/afternoon everyone went to Beddgelert village and spent the rest of the day swimming and exploring the river Glaslyn. With everyone, including staff, shattered from an exhausting week we went to bed early and were soon sound asleep.

On the Friday almost everyone helped with the tidying and cleaning of the bunkhouse before we set off back to Cloughwood. Apart from the odd bit of snoring it was a very quiet journey home.

Adventures in Snowdonia

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