Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the new school year to all of our pupils and an especially big welcome to those new starters who have joined us this September. We hope that you all had a restful summer break and are ready for the challenges and successes this academic year will bring!

All of the secondary boys have settled back into routine well and are discovering a new timetable filled with new lessons and subjects – PSHEE, Health and Social Care to be led by Ms Macey, PE is now taken by Mr Jardine, Mrs Orme is leading French as well as her specialism of Computer Science, Mr Monteith is taking the reins in the Science lab, and Mr Rayner and Mr Williams are working together on the Year 11 Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

Our current Year 11 group are also finding their feet on their new weekly timetable which is now split between college placement, work experience placement and the Duke of Edinburgh award. We hope they settle into these new ventures and find them engaging and worthwhile.

Meanwhile in Primary the boys are back enjoying their lessons with Mr Snowden and Miss Mackenzie and are showing real aptitude and progress in Gymnastics on a Friday!

A short reminder about lunch monies owing if you are not eligible for Free School meals, and please make note of the extended half term this October.