Primary Visit to Manchester Velodrome

Primary Visit to Manchester Velodrome

“After dinner on Wednesday we went to the bus to start our journey to the Velodrome. When we arrived I got off the bus and we walked into the velodrome and then we saw Laura Trott (Double Olympic Gold Medalist). I was gobsmacked as it was a huge surprise. We then went to get changed and walked to the reception to wait. Then we saw a guy called Andy and he was going to be helping us also he was a nice guy.

“Then we got our bikes and went onto the track it was really scary, I felt anxious in case I fell off, but I didn’t because I listened and then I went to the very top and it was easier than it looked! So then Kelvin saw me do it so he thought he could do it too.

“After being on the track we went to Asda to get some water. Then coming back we saw a Lamborghini and I screamed! Then we got in our taxis and went home.”

By Tyler H

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