Cloughwood Academy opened its Primary provision in September 2013 due to demand for high-quality education and support for Key Stage 2 children with a range of Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues. This provision has proved to be extremely successful in providing the children with learning experiences and support, which may not have been possible in mainstream school. Our students have high attendance and enjoy their learning, both in and out of the classroom.

Students in our Primary provision are also fully integrated into the Cloughwood community, with some lessons taking part in the main school and delivered by the subject teachers, including art, drama, humanities, maths and science. This not only broadens and enriches the primary curriculum, but also supports the students transition to Key Stage 3.

The department also prides itself on the the variety of learning experiences offered to the children. Students regularly benefit from learning outside of the classroom including; horse riding, mountain biking, swimming, woodland walks, climbing, hill walking, forest skills and visits to the skate park. These learning experiences help to develop communication and social skills as well as promoting positive attitudes and team building. Our Primary students have also been on curriculum visits to The Museum of Science and Industry, Manley Mere Adventure Trail and Beeston Castle.