The Physical Education curriculum aims to provide Cloughwood pupils’ with a balance of individual, team, co-operative and competitive activities aimed to increase self awareness, self-confidence and encourage self reliance through an ability to manage themselves successfully in the range of situations provided

At Cloughwood Academy we use a variety of teaching styles and acknowledge that there are different learning styles amongst our pupils in PE lessons. Our principal aim is to develop the children’s PE knowledge, skills and understanding through a mixture of whole class teaching, individual and group activities. During lessons Teachers and assistants celebrate, with pupils, good examples of individual performances as a model for others to emulate with ‘what went well’ post-stick messages, verbal reminders and encouragements.  We encourage students to evaluate their own and others performances and use a similar celebrative post-stick method of ‘even better if’s’.  In all year classes there is a wide range of physical abilities, we provide suitable learning opportunities by differentiating the challenge of the task to the ability of the student.

We achieve this through a range of strategies:

  • Setting common tasks that are open ended and can have a range of outcomes.
  • Grouping children by ability and setting different tasks for each group.
  • Providing a range of challenge through the provision of different resources available in our well resourced store room.