Year 7 Numeracy and Literacy Catch-Up Premium

The academy has received £3,333 Catch-Up funding for this academic year 2017-2018 We intend to spend this on providing additional enrichment sessions for targeted pupils and it has contributed towards employing an additional Teaching Assistant for the English and SENDIT departments.


Last year’s allocation of £3,333 was spent on whole-school training in numeracy and the purchase of three tablets to improve pupils’ motivation and engagement.

The funding was also put towards SALT Training for a member of staff (£150) and a new iBoard and laptop for Maths (£2,500).

This additional investment has led to positive outcomes for students in Maths and English

We know this made a difference as all pupils are now making at least expected progress from their starting points in Year 7. This has been assessed through regular standardised testing.